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SICHUAN MIANYANG FULIN REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD  Founded in March 1993, Sichuan Mianyang Fulin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, is specialized in real estate development, house selling and rent. It is also a Sino-foreign joint venture with second class development and construction qualification certificate. The company has been awarded honor titles and prizes such as Sichuan Honest Real Estate Development Enterprise, Lifetime Achievement Award for Promoting Mianyang Citys Development and Mianyang Top Ten Development Enterprise.

The company insists on a quality principle that is well planned, standardized management and consistently providing properties beyond clients expectations. It has developed many famous properties, including Fulin Garden, Fulin Sunshine City, Fulin Daguanyuan Shopping Street, Fulin Shanzhuang, Fulin Lijing Garden City, Fulin Yuanshan, Fulin Luka Meijun, Fulin Metropolis, Fulin Taohuadao and Fulin Eastern Plaza, with a total development area of more than 3 million square meters.

The company has made a strong growth with broad prospects, now having an annual development capacity of 600,000 square meters. With 20 years development experience, the company is now committed to the development of Fulin Mianzhou Shuijun, which is based on high starting point design, high quality construction and high standard requirement, and will definitely become a top quality property in Mianyang.

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